What you want to know about me? Ok then here goes.

My name is paul and I am a programmer by trade. Long ago I was trained as a physicist and got a PhD in making things get really close to absolute zero and then looking at various quantum effects. After that I headed off into the games industry for a while. It was the obvious choice. I admit I got a little jaded near the end of my time in that industry but then doesn’t everyone. It was however a great place to learn a lot of things, particularly that art of getting stuff done. My day job is now in the field of GIS.

Yes the pace is a little slower but I do get go home of an evening. That means I actually get time to code on my own projects

To avoid fitting into the stereotypical programmer mould I am pretty active. Love running (particularly marathons) even if I am not that quick and attempt to train in Taekwondo.

I am on twitter and you can also contact me on should you wish to do so. Twitter is preferred. Oh I also have a blog